September 10, 2012

BMP4 only bone injury repair related

In this experiment, we fracture repair process a BMP4mRNA Expression and localization of detected using BMP4cDNA probe, in order to investigate their role in fracture healing. It was found that: (1) not detected in normal bone tissue and soft tissue and BMP4mRNA expression; (2) early fracture (fracture after 12 to 72 hours) that a BMP4mRNA expression; (3) BMP4 gene mainly in early fracture hematoma emerging within the cell and fracture the surrounding soft tissue, expressed in mesenchymal cells. Consistent with the the Nakase other reported results. Bone marrow stromal cells may be derived from these hematoma, osteoblast potential of stem cells, i.e. directed into the bone precursor cells, the emerging positive cells in muscle tissue compared can induce osteogenic precursor cells, i.e. mesenchymal cells.

Trauma to activate the BMP4 gene's expression and showed some regional, that is limited to the fracture callus formation around the area of soft tissue. Topical application of exogenous recombinant expression product BMP4 able to induce new bone formation in normal soft tissue ectopic, so they think, local BMP4 gene expression of the fracture hematoma the osteogenic ability is the very important factor in the process of fracture healing callus formation also shows that the fracture hematoma and soft tissue has a very important position in the process of fracture healing. BMP4 gene expression is also reported in the literature in embryonic tissue, organs and embryonic bone, endochondral bone repair fractures embryonic osteogenesis reproduction, BMP4 only bone injury repair related, are more likely to tissues and organs and embryos related.

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